Monday, May 7, 2007

Managing our tracks

Discovery Channel :: News - Earth :: Roadless Space Uneven Across U.S.

Excellent idea and first step. Map out where the roads are, where the people are, get rid of superfluous roads. Manage casual access by accessibility. Give back some of the earth to the rest of the world's inhabitants.

cheaper and better than work stations and networks for home and business?

Discovery Channel :: News - Technology :: Split-Screen Tech Doubles Computer Use

This is brilliant. I am all for technologies that cut the cost of computing and internet/knowledge access. Power to the peoples of the world.  Of course the pc producers are going to hate this..Microsoft, too. How do you charge a split screen running two instances of Windows?

Saturday, March 31, 2007 Big business Pornography defining future path of general entertainment?

High definition resolution, high volume transfer, "live" low latency interaction between viewers and actors. What more could a porn consumer want? How much are they willing to pay for the privilege of "being there"?

Live streaming with interaction creates a product that cannot be pirated. Copied and distributed versions are of less value because not live, not interactive. And yet there is no spatial limitation to the number of consumers as there is in concerts and festivals, so if you have the delivery hardware and bandwidth you could serve millions. Could be the wave of the future in general entertainment as well.


At, a live tool against piracy - page 2 | CNET

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The South, inheritor of aristocratic attitudes, drives US lust for war, according to Lawrence Velvel

It is fascinating that we as a nation, on the one hand, claim a moral superiority and mission to bring democracy and civilisation to the entire rest of the world, and on the other, are capable of atrocities of the sort that make us collectively shudder when we read of them in Darfur or deepest backwoods of India. We just block it out of our consciouness that many white people in the Southern States of the US treat other human beings viciously, as if they themselves were uncivilised barbarians and their victims rival tribes.

Velvel's position is that these behaviors and attitudes, imposed on US politics by the power of unified Southern block votes, are a substantial motor behind our wars of the past and the present.

Velvel on National Affairs: If You Want To Know Why We Keep Fighting Wars, Look No Further Than The South.

the ongoing story of the media industry's problems with p2p - one weapon: MediaDefender

What they do and how they do it. Ars Technica on MediaDefender, its tools, its evolution towards providing actual content to advertise rather than junk to "punish", and the difficulty of having to try to recruit new workers from the population who mostly uses p2p: college students.

Peer-to-peer poisoners: A tour of MediaDefender: Page 1

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blogging tool

I was looking around for some gidget sort of thing that would allow me to easily post to this blog without a lot of back and forth between Firefox tabs and cut and paste to make links. I found: | Helping Bloggers Succeed

As a Firefox extension, it gives you a very nice interface to blog from. A halfwindow below the page you are looking at, with an editor, blog list and other goodies.

Its professed interest is to help you earn money as a blogger, which goes against my ingrained preference to share when and where possible. But since they are willing to share their tool with me, I am delighted to leave a link back for other interested readers and bloggers.

Carnival of the Godless?

Black Sun Journal » Archives » Carnival of the Godless #62:

Interesting looking weblog for those interested in naturalism.

I take exception to the title, though. Sounds good, but a "Carnival" only makes sense in a framework of fasting in preparation for religious revelation. I don't like "Godless" much either. Why define oneself in negative terms?

This is part of what is so extremely difficult with being a naturalist- a great many weighty, vivid associative terms come from some religion or another.