Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The South, inheritor of aristocratic attitudes, drives US lust for war, according to Lawrence Velvel

It is fascinating that we as a nation, on the one hand, claim a moral superiority and mission to bring democracy and civilisation to the entire rest of the world, and on the other, are capable of atrocities of the sort that make us collectively shudder when we read of them in Darfur or deepest backwoods of India. We just block it out of our consciouness that many white people in the Southern States of the US treat other human beings viciously, as if they themselves were uncivilised barbarians and their victims rival tribes.

Velvel's position is that these behaviors and attitudes, imposed on US politics by the power of unified Southern block votes, are a substantial motor behind our wars of the past and the present.

Velvel on National Affairs: If You Want To Know Why We Keep Fighting Wars, Look No Further Than The South.

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